What is Dignity?

Dignity is a wildly hilarious 3-in-1 game series. Play each deck as a stand alone game or blend them together for the Ultimate Party Game experience!

How is Dignity a 3-in-1 game?

1) Every card has a different action, challenge or mini game printed on it. They're things you'll be doing WITH, FOR and TO each other. With these "actions", play by our rules, King's Cup / Ring of Fire Style (see instructions on how to play).

2) Our decks are perfect for your next round of Poker, Rummy, Go Fish - you name it.

3) Pair your Dignity deck to augment any other game. 


Play Virtually or In Person

It's time to grab some drinks, connect virtually with friends and play! Dignity Decks will keep you entertained and laughing for 1.5+ hours (and long after you play)!

Play in person or virtually via Google Hangouts, FaceTime or Zoom.


Hands down the best drinking game I've ever played! We could not stop laughing the entire night and some of us got out of our comfort zones in the most hilarious way! This game is definitely the reason why it'll forever be one of my favorite nights hanging out with friends.

Alex E

It’s an absolute riot to play with your friends or even with your family, if you’re brave enough. Everyone was cracking up through out the entire game, and was willing to participate willingly, or begrudgingly- the latter instances sent many of us into hysterics.

It’s definitely a winner if you’re thinking of investing in a game for the holidays when you may have friends and/or family over. It’s a lot of fun, and keeps itself fresh every use.

Kevin L

I had so much fun playing this game with my girl friends!

Camila B

As a foreign student, I had the opportunity to play many american drinking/card games. However, no other game made me laugh, and have fun with my friends like DignityDeck. I laughed so hard for so many times that my abs couldn't handle it. I highly recommend you to have your DignityDeck always by your side. Have fun!

Thiago W

Showed up to play a game and left with no shame. Played this for the first time with some strangers and a few friends and somehow ended up crossing a street in nothing but my birthday suit. Safe to say we all ended the game as much closer friends. Awesome for drunk get togethers!!!

Gerardo E