The Proto

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The word on the street.


Set aside your old, boring tabletop games and #PartyWithDignity! These hysterical "action" cards are guaranteed to entertain you and your friends for at least 1.5 hours +.  Grab a deck, serve some drinks and play! Easy instructions included within each deck. 


The Proto is Dignity's first ever release which has since sold out five times and gone on to create party history.

- 52 Poker size cards with hilarious card actions
- 1 Instruction card
- 1 About us card
- 1 Hard case card holder
- 1 Limited Edition Dignity sticker (while supplies last!)


- 1 Dignity Deck (any version or all 3!)
- 1 - 20 Friends
- A Beverage
- Extra Cup


  1. Place a drink at the center of the table.
  2. Circle the cards face down (Dignity side up) around the center drink.
  3. Before playing, establish a punishment that all players must consent to if a card is skipped or not performed. (For example, if Betty thinks a card is "too scandalous" and wants to opt out of doing what the card says, she will take a sip of her drink as her punishment, place the card on top of the cup and the next player will go.) You can be as mild or as savage as you'd like, but all players must agree to perform this punishment if they decided to skip a card.
  4. The youngest person goes first. Pull a card, read it out loud & do what it says or complete the punishment.
  5. Once the action has been performed or if the card has been skipped, place it on top of the center drink. (Careful now - don't let the cards fall over.)
  6. The next person goes.
  7. The game continues until there are no more cards OR someone accidentally tips the cards off of the center cup.
  8. IF the cards fall off the center cup or are "accidentally tipped over", everyone playing grabs one card, gives it to the person that screwed up and that person must perform all the cards - the center cup now becomes their "liquid courage" to get through those cards.
  9. Reposition the played cards on top of the cup, refill the center cup for the next victim, and continue playing until there are no more cards



  1. Set up your virtual party with friends.
  2. Serve yourselves a desired beverage (water is welcome!)
  3. To the person with the deck - shuffle the cards. You are now the Deck Master, a.k.a. you're in charge of reading the cards out lout for all the players.
  4. Deck Master gives everyone a number (start with 1, 2, 3...and so on.) The game begins with Player #1.
  5. Deck Master reads the card out loud. Player #1 must do what the card says.
  6. If a card is skipped or not performed, that player must drink to skip the card.
  7. Move onto Player #2, pick a new card, read the action out loud.
  8. Rinse and repeat until the cards finish.


Feel free to DM us @dignitydeckofficial, we'll respond as quickly as possible!


Frequently Asked Questions

How is Dignity a 3-in-1 Game?

The Dignity Games are:

  1. a deck of cards, so you can play poker or any other card game with them but what set's it apart is that every card has something different printed on them - an action, a challenge or a mini game. They represent things you'll be doing with your group of friends, for each other or even to each other.
  2. With these "actions", you can play by our rules, which is King's Cup/Ring of Fire Style (see instructions on how to play).
  3. Lastly, you can use them to augment any game. For example: let's say you're playing spin the bottle but Margaret doesn't want to kiss Johnny because...well, "it's complicated." No sweat, Margaret (and no judgment). Pull a Dignity card instead and save your lips for prince or princess charming. 😉

    How Many People Can Play?

    The more the merrier! Our games accommodate 2 - 20+ players.

    What is Your Risqué Rating:

    We're constantly evolving this but at the moment, our current rating scale measures from 1-5. 1 being less risqué, 5 being pretty scandalous.

    • 1ST EDITION: The Proto
      4 - #Sorrynotsorry
    • 2ND EDITION: The Ice Breaker 2.0
      3 - Feeling cute, might break the law later, idk.
    • 3RD EDITION: The Pub Solo
      3 - Feeling cute, might break the law later, idk.

    *Please drink responsibly. Game can also be played with non-alcoholic beverages.