Where can I buy Dignity?

We're currently printing a limited number of decks for our Early Game Testers to get feedback on our First Series. Disclaimer: we wanted to get Dignity into your hands quickly so we spent some time splashing together designs and throwing mental darts at our "good enough" design so we could send out the first few batches out to print. (Probably not the best design process but design and materials will evolve. We promise.) We've got big plans for these decks!

You can currently find Dignity on our website: buy a game here.

Coming Soon: Amazon and hand selected retail locations.

How do you play?

If playing with a cup:

  1. Place a drink at the center of the table. 
  2. Circle the cards face down (Dignity side up) around the center drink. 
  3. Before playing, consult with your crew and establish a punishment that all players must consent to if a card is skipped or not performed. (For example, if Betty thinks a card is "too scandalous" and wants to opt out of doing what the card says, she will take a sip of her drink as her punishment, place the card on top of the cup and the next player will go. If the next player thinks their card is "too savage", they drink, place the card on top of the cup and the next person goes. This is a mild cop out.) You can be as mild or as savage as you'd like, but all players must agree to perform this punishment if they decided to skip a card.
  4. The youngest person goes first. Pull a card, read it out loud for all to hear & do what it says or suffer the consequences of completing the punishment. 
  5. Once the action has been performed or the card has been skipped, place it on top of the center drink. (Careful now - don't let the cards fall over.)
  6. The next person goes.
  7. The game continues until there are no more cards OR someone accidentally tips the cards off of the center cup.
  8. IF the cards fall off the center cup or are "accidentally tipped over",  everyone playing grabs one card, gives it to the person that screwed up and that person must perform all the cards - the center cup now becomes their "liquid courage" to get through those cards.
  9. Reposition the played cards on top of the cup, refill the center cup for the next victim, and continue playing until there are no more cards 

If playing with a beer can:

Place a beer at the center of the table and follow the rules stated above. The only difference being that once the action has been performed or the card has been skipped, place the card under the beer can's pull tab. If you crack open the beer, it's yours to drink. Replace the center can for the next victim.

  • Performance anxiety/skip a card - Drink or established punishment
  • Break the circle - Drink
  • Topple the cards off of the center drink - Ultimate Punishment (all players draw a card. The person who screwed up finishes the center drink & performs all drawn cards). May the odds be never in your favor. #nodignity

      How many players does the game support?

      Let's be honest, the more players the better. We suggest anywhere from 3-12 players if playing by Dignity Rules. 2+ if using the deck as regular playing cards or to spice up any card game of choice.

      How is Dignity a 3-in-1 Game?

      The Proto is essentially:

      1. a deck of cards, so you can play poker or any other card game with them but what set's it apart is that every card has something different printed on them - an action, a challenge or a mini game. They represent things you'll be doing with your group of friends, for each other or even to each other.
      2. With these "actions", you can play by our rules, which is King's Cup/Ring of Fire Style (see instructions on how to play in the below).
      3. Lastly, you can use them to augment any game. For example: let's say you're playing spin the bottle but Margarette doesn't want to kiss Johnny.  The cop out? She must pull a Dignity Card and perform that action instead.

      What's the recommended age?

      Dignity was naturally birthed as a drinking game for responsible adults that was designed to pump a little extra life into parties but no alcohol is necessary to play our way. Our recommended age is 21+ but don't knock playing sober until you try it. (We've done it and boy, do we have stories. Yup. Ones that we actually remember!) 

      The developers, publishers, and sellers of this game do not advocate the abuse of alcoholic beverages or any other form of alcohol abuse. Dignity Deck and its managing members do not take any responsibility for the effect consuming alcohol may have on people or for the outcomes that may be caused by playing the game. Please drink and play responsibly.

      Are these decks safe for work?

      Eh, we'll leave that up to you to decide.

      How long does it take to learn to play?

      Learning only takes a few minutes. Instructions are included. And if you get stuck, send us a DM on Insta or simply get creative. Because, why not?

      Will the game come in any other languages?

      We're playing with Dignity in English at the moment but we plan to translate into Spanish, German, Italian and French. If you want to see Dignity in your language, drop us a note in the Contact page.

      What are your future plans for Dignity?

      Dignity was designed with the intention to create moments of laughter, bring people together, and encourage the "busting out of comfort zones" while uniting friends and strangers. We're currently in our "hiccup and pickup" phase (soft launch) where we’ll be sharing our journey, stumbling a bit (always drink responsibly) and embracing your feedback for the improvement and injection of kickass-ity (totally a word now) into the game. 

      We're currently setting out to build a tribe of Dignity Game Testers to try our prototype deck series and provide feedback for the improvement of future decks. Yes. Decks. We have expansions in drafting, designs in concepting, Press Tour in the works and a big vision for these bad boys.

      Where Can I Play Dignity? 

      Wherever you deem appropriate. We've totally played at restaurants like Bubba Gump and gotten the entire restaurant to sing to a fellow player. Don't believe us? Email us at dignitydeck@gmail.com and we'll send you the video!

      What is Your Risqué Rating:

      We're constantly evolving this but at the moment, our current rating scale measures from 1-5. 1 being less risqué, 5 being mildly scandalous.

      The Proto
      4 - Hide yo kids, hide yo wives.

      Consider this your personal invitation to hop in and enjoy the ride.

      If you have a question we haven't yet answered, please email us at dignitydeck@gmail.com.