The Pub Solo

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The word on the street.

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So you've conquered our decks behind closed doors, eh? Get ready to kick things up a notch with our PUB SOLO PrototypeOur newest deck is perfect for those ready to take their dares out in the open..or those who dare to take the jump. Think you’ve got what it takes?

[The Pub Solo is an entirely new, stand alone game designed for public play (i.e. at breweries, bars, pubs, etc.). This deck will challenge you to engage with your surroundings, meet new people and get ready to take your comfort-level-butterflies for a ride!] 

Now, we've only made 12 of these decks so if you're seeing this, you're one of the lucky individuals we hand selected for this invitation! Please keep in mind this is a working prototype. We're always upgrading and experimenting with new materials so this deck is subject to change - always for the better. So, in essence, you're about to hold 1 of 12 decks that'll go down in Dignity History. Woah.

  • Total of cards in deck: 52 + 1 instruction card + 1 social media card

    Risqué Scale Rating on our current scale of 1-4:

    • The Proto
      4 - #Sorrynotsorry / Highway to Hell!
    • The Ice Breaker 2.0
      2 - Stop showing off your ankles, Scandalous Scarlett!
    • The Pub Solo
      3 - Feeling cute, might break the law later, idk.

      Please enjoy responsibly.